The (Tweetable) Wisdom of Patio11

Patrick McKenzie, aka Patio11, is one of my favorite business/marketing authors. Patrick introduces himself as a “software engineer from central Japan” but he’s one of the savviest marketers and businessmen out there.

(In many ways, his introduction of himself as a “software engineer from Central Japan” enables him to build audiences that would never listen to him if he described himself as a “marketer/SEO/coder”. Remember, the best salespeople never appear to be salespeople.)

I’ve collected some of my favorite Patio11 quotes – hopefully this will introduce you to one of my favorite marketers in an easy-to-consume way.

From his Business of Software speech entitled “Hello Ladies”

The software didn’t get written about because software is fundamentally boring.

Google is a company that does what it does for its users – it makes its users sound intelligent.

Are you in the software business? No. That’s just the monetization engine for the emotion business.

What your customers value isn’t software, it’s a change in the life they are living.

Your software is boring. The customer is interesting, so show the customer on your website.

From his Interview with Gabriel Weinberg

I am totally OK with Matt Cutts looking at my sites… my site gives you exactly what you’re looking for.

(quote was slightly paraphrased to fit into 140 characters.)

You’ve heard this term “remnant inventory”. If Upton Sinclair were writing about the Internet, it is what he’d write about.

The first thing anyone learns in A/B testing is that everything you know is wrong.

Google Analytics treats everything as a page view. If you want to track anything else, you have to write a lot of Javascript.

(On the linkerati) People on Hacker News probably have an average of 6.2 blogs per person. They link out to things very frequently.

From Patio11’s Blog,

There is a pernicious myth among startups that SEO is a black art aimed at perverting the purity of the search results.

SEO is, at competitive levels, mostly about link acquisition.

You should figure out exactly what you hope to get for from SEO. ”Rankings” is not an acceptable answer.

Display advertising is, essentially, search advertising’s less talented brother.

Nobody blogs “Hey guys, I saw an awesome sales letter today, check it out” and if they do you probably don’t want their attention

The first cut of your SEO strategy will be wrong, just like v1.0 of your product will be non-responsive to the needs of your users.

Patrick has also been interviewed by SEO mastermind Ross Hudgens, in an interview that focuses almost exclusively on SEO.

Make sure you check out Patrick’s companies –
Bingo Card Creator, which helps teachers create bingo cards
Appointment Reminder, which helps service providers keep their appointments.

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