PayWithaTweet: Social Commerce for Content

I wanted to use PayWithaTweet.

So I made a Google Analytics Cheat Sheet, and I put it on my agency’s blog with PayWithaTweet. I asked my boss to tweet it (because he is famous on the internet), and the cheat sheet went viral – more than 200 people tweeted it.

(You can see the information page. Tweets go off’s (BackType’s, technically) radar in 48 hours, so you’ll only see the most recent. I would’ve used RowFeedr for tracking if I did it again.)

Now I’ve written a case study about PayWithaTweet – specifically, the search engine effects, but there’s something in there for everyone – for YouMoz.

The interesting thing about PayWithATweet is that it influences search engines – so if you were clever, you could create an almost self-perpetuating viral loop, with the visitors arriving via search engine and Paying With a Tweet, only to raise search engine rank further. It’s definitely worth playing with. (And you can get tons of social traffic too.)

Even if you’re not an SEO, you’ll still like it. I hope.

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