4 Resources for Taking the Next Step in SEO

The internet abounds with SEO resources. But when you want to get beyond “change your title tags and get some links,” where should you go?

In my quest to truly master the discipline of search engine optimization, I’ve run across some really great resources that aren’t as well-known as they should be.

Warning: Here Be Dragons

Much like that scene in the matrix where Neo is presented with the Red Pill and the Blue Pill,
learning about SEO fundamentally changes how you view the internet. If you really enjoyed web surfing and looking at those cool infographics on Reddit, don’t take the red pill. Stop learning about SEO – you won’t like it.

Some of this material is deeply technical and very difficult to understand. I’d be lying to say I understand more than 50% at the moment, but I’m still working on it. Most of it would be at home in a post-graduate course at most universities.

But if you really want to learn to rock a SERP (that’s a search engine results page for the uninitiated), read on.

SEO Theory by Michael Martinez

Michael Martinez is one of the most theoretical SEOs. This is not material for beginners – this is advanced SEO theory. But if you can make your way through it, you’ll find it intensely rewarding.

Introduction to Co-Lateral Query Space Optimization
SEO Math: Axioms for Search Analysis

SEO By The Sea: Search Engine Patent Analysis

Patents combine the most difficult aspects of engineering and the law into one document. However, they’re often the only public information about technology products, so you have to wade through them. SEO by the Sea has devoted a large amount of time to discovering and analyzing search engine patents. Now instead of hearsay and superstition dominating your perceptions of search engines, you can get a glimpse under the hood.

The Original ____Rank Papers

These aren’t a blog per se, but refer to the large amount of publications around the theory of search engines published in the early days of Google. The papers on PageRank and TrustRank are particularly good.

Trust Rank Paper
Page Rank Paper

Introduction to Information Retrieval

This is an online information retrieval textbook from Stanford. While information retrieval was an oft-neglected subbranch of library science until recently, this is really fascinating. The underlying question is “Given a very large corpus of information, how can we extract the most relevant document for any query?” It goes from grep commends to LDA and some other advanced search concepts. Highly recommended.

What are your favorite SEO resources? Leave a comment and share with the community.